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Psychological Counselling Services & Therapists in Ancaster, ON

Are you living in Ancaster, On and are searching for a professional psychological help and counselling services nearest you? Are you ready to make necessary steps and start your first counselling session to ensure a much brighter future and quality life for you and your closest ones? Dalton Associates can help you.

Who Are We And How Can We Help You?

Dalton Associates is a team of highly skilled and well-versed psychologists, psychotherapists and counselors working hard to help anyone in need of quality psychological counselling.

We understand the importance of quality psychotherapy and that’s why we have built up a network of psychological professionals who are operating throughout Ontario. This way we are making our services widely accessible to anyone who is living in this area and is experiencing any type of psychological struggle or is facing overwhelming life challenges and difficulties.

Among many cities in Ontario, our therapists and counselors are operating and offering their psychological help in Ancaster as well.

Here is the list of our services offered to anyone living in Ancaster or nearby:

  • Individual Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety, and other Psychological Disorders
  • Family Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling and Relationship Therapy
  • Parenting Counselling
  • Play Therapy
  • Equine Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Counselling for Stress
  • Psycho-Educational Assessments
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Psychological Rehabilitation Services

Get To Know Your Future Ancaster Counsellor

Here at Dalton Associates, we understand how hard it can be to make the first step toward mental health therapy. It takes much more courage and personal strength to admit to ourselves and to our loved ones that we need professional help.

Once the decision is made the next difficulty on the road toward brighter and more fulfilled future is to find the best, most suitable therapist.

It is well known that the quality of therapy is highly correlated to the level of comfort that the client is experiencing in the company of a therapist and whether he or she feels the confidence to open up herself/himself to the therapist who they have not yet met.

This is why we, here at Dalton Associates, have decided to make those steps of our clients as easy as possible.

We are therefore offering to our potential clients in Ancaster the possibility to learn more about our counselor who will be providing counselling sessions to them by examining his professional profile on our site. This way we are ensuring our clients get the necessary information so they rest assured knowing they are in the right hands and that they are going to be treated in a professional, competent and efficient manner. We know for sure that this all together will ensure highly effective therapies to our clients and lead them toward better psychotherapy results.

Finding Support In Ancaster

Our beautiful Ancaster town has so much to offer to their citizens. If you are living in Ancaster or nearby then you have for sure visited and seen Royal Botanical Gardens, Canada’s Warplane Heritage Museum or Dundurn National Historic Site. To truly experience the beauty of the life that our city is offering to everyone but mostly to those who are the part of its community it takes more than just seeing its beauty. To truly experience happiness and the joy of being the part of this community you need a positive mind – a healthy mind. This all is possible only when you take care of your mental health first and decide to put all of your worries in the hands of a professional. Dalton Associates has all it takes to take you to your destination – a more fulfilled life – as easy and as quickly as possible. Therefore, we are encouraging you to schedule your first season with our Ancaster counselor by filling the form below.

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Savinna Frederiksen

801 Mohawk Road West, Hamilton, ON, Canada

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Irina Petrova

Hamilton, ON L8S 1P3, Canada

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Cindy McClure

279 Locke Street South, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Kayla Miller

Hamilton, ON, Canada

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