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Diversity Statement

As a settler-founded organization, Dalton Associates, including Launch Behavioural Health, is committed to continuously de-colonizing our practices to ensure they embody a comprehensive, inclusive approach to mental wellness and health.

We recognize that the strength of our team lies in its diversity, mirroring the varied demographics of the clients and communities we serve — spanning different ethno-racial identifies, gender, sexual identities, ages, national origins, religions, family statuses, abilities, and lived experiences. Diversity and a sense of belonging are fundamental principles we uphold. We are dedicated to fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace for all employees, understanding that a team rich in diversity expands our perspective and enhances our connection with clients and communities, thereby enriching the development, execution, and beneficial impact of our services and programs.

Our ambition extends beyond individual impact; we aim to facilitate a societal transformation in addressing and nurturing mental health. A multi-cultural methodology that elevates a variety of worldviews is essential for dismantling outdated systems and reconstructing them to encourage the wellbeing of future generations across all identities.

Dalton Associates is proactively involved in reshaping mental health care in Ontario. We do this by enhancing and equitably recognizing the contributions and experiences of diverse groups and by integrating an array of cultural principles and teachings into our program frameworks.

We recognize that our journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is imperative, continuously evolving with our organization’s growth. Our DEI statement is not only a reflection of our current commitment but also a dynamic blueprint for our future actions. It asserts our dedication to fostering an organizational culture that is inclusive, equitable, and protective of our staff, clients, and partners. Herein, we outline the concrete steps we will undertake to assure compliance with DEI.

Actions to Achieve Our DEI Vision:

  • Engage a DEI consultant for a systematic analysis of our practices.
  • Create a DEI task force with diverse organizational representation to spearhead DEI initiatives.
  • Enforce equitable hiring, retention, and promotion practices.

Formal Assessment of Diversity Efforts:

We will adopt both quantitative and qualitative measures to evaluate our DEI efforts annually, with an actionable plan formulated in response to these assessments.

Culturally Humble Service Delivery:

Our team will undergo extensive training in cultural humility, addressing sexism, racism, and other critical components of cultural competency, with the aim of providing service that respects all cultural identities.

Conflict Resolution:

We shall equip at least one supervisor with skills in detecting and resolving bias-related conflicts to maintain a harmonious and respectful workplace.

Equal Access to Translation Services:

Clients requiring translation will have access to these services either through community based translation programs or when preferred, family members as translators to ensure no barriers in care.

Inclusive and Equitable Culture:

We pledge to cultivate a workplace that embraces diversity and offers equal opportunities for all staff. This environment will not only support but also celebrate the uniqueness of each team member, enabling them to excel and contribute fully.

Protecting and Supporting Staff and Clients:

Protecting our staff and clients is paramount. We will ensure equitable treatment, access to resources, and supportive measures so that all individuals feel safe and valued within our organization.

Ongoing Commitment:

Dalton Associates is firmly committed to DEI, both now and in the future. Our mission to deliver mental health services from a place of cultural sensitivity and inclusivity is steadfast.

Our promise to DEI is absolute, demanding constant self-examination, adaptability, and accountability. Dalton Associates is unwavering in our pursuit of an inclusive and equitable environment for everyone connected to our organization.