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Mental Wellness Services

Mental Wellness with Dalton is a trusted provider of mental health counselling and supports.

Easy to access and always reliable, Mental Wellness with Dalton connects people to the supports they need quickly and seamlessly. We are an inclusive network of therapists, serving diverse cultures with a holistic range of mental health services. We support individuals, couples and families struggling with a wide range of mental health challenges.

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Mental Wellness with Dalton Features:


Our clients get the help they need right now.


Whether you know exactly what you need or are not sure, Mental Wellness with Dalton will work with you to understand your needs and navigate you to expert, professional mental health support.


Our service providers understand and align with the backgrounds and viewpoints of our clients.


We will follow up and stay in contact with you, making sure you are getting the supports you need on your journey to mental wellness.


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Mental Wellness Services

Children & Youth Counselling

Childhood and adolescent development are important stages in our social, emotional, and physical growth and development over the course of our lives. What happens in our early years may have an effect on our mental health, physical health, relationships, education and employment, and our coping abilities throughout our lives. Right now in Canada, there are approximately 1.2 million children who have a mental illness.

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Family Counselling & Therapy

Every family experiences challenging times. Sometimes families need support to move through difficulties that arise, such as marital breakdown or divorce, an illness or death in the family, financial challenges, or ineffective communication. Other times, the family needs support when one member is experiencing social, emotional or physical difficulties.

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Individual Counselling

Everyone experiences times in their lives when things don’t work out the way we planned, our stress becomes overwhelming, or we lose someone or something that was important to us. Individual counselling, also called psychotherapy or individual therapy, is a collaborative partnership between you and a trained mental health professional.

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Marriage & Couples Counselling

It is common for couples to experience challenges in their relationships, brought on by the stresses of life. Even a healthy marriage can experience difficulties around parenting, traumatic incidents, finances, communication, anger management, etc. Our marriage and couples counselling services support couples experiencing such challenges, towards maintaining a healthy relationship.

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