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Distance and Online Therapy & Counselling Services

Our Distance Counselling Program

Dalton Associates offers clients the option to have counselling sessions over the telephone or via secure online video conferencing. Both options are compliant with Ontario’s Privacy Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), and offer clients an accessible option in the following cases:

  • There are no appropriate counsellors available in your geographic area (e.g., language, culture, professional competencies, etc.)
  • You have physical or other challenges that prevent you from leaving your home
  • You are more comfortable using technology to communicate
  • Scheduling conflicts prohibit regular office visits
  • You travel extensively

While we acknowledge the benefits of distance counselling, we recognize that it has limitations and may not be right for every situation, including those listed below:

  • Your internet access is not private or secure
  • You have no access to a private setting free from interruptions
  • Your internet connection is weak and unstable
  • If you have anxious or depressive feelings that are chronic and severe, and are not being treated by a medical professional
  • If you have been sexually abused and want to address abuse in counselling, have a serious substance abuse issue or eating disorder, sometimes lose touch with what is real or not, or have severe post-traumatic stress symptoms
  • If you are under the age of 16. Note: sometimes counselling may be available to you if you are under the age of 16 (without your guardian/parent’s consent), if your counsellor decides that you are capable of making this decision on your own
  • If you are currently working with a counsellor in your area. Your online counsellor may wish to speak with your existing counsellor to determine if there are areas of duplication

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