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First Responder Services

Services for First Responder Organizations

Dalton Associates offers First Responder organizations customized, comprehensive, and fully-integrated mental health and wellness solutions. The programs we design ensure streamlined access to specialized mental health services and information, as well as integration of the mental health and wellness information, services, and resources already available to our partners (e.g., WSIB Services, Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) services, extended health benefit coverage, etc.). This ensures co-ordinated, holistic, sustainably-focused services for each First Responder and their family.

Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program

In March 2020, Dalton Associates partnered with the Ontario Provincial Police Association (OPPA) and launched the Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program. The Encompas program is a one-stop, concierge approach to mental healthcare that provides eligible OPPA, Commissioned Officers Association, and retired members with timely access to confidential, effective and safe mental health support and services that are customized just for them. These services may include culturally safe counselling, psychological assessment and psychiatric consultation, streamlined access to residential and intensive outpatient treatment programs with aftercare,  and a secure Client Portal with self-assessment tools and exclusive mental health resources and information. Families of eligible members have access to support services customized for their unique needs as well. Visit to learn more about the Encompas program.

Customized Mental Health Care for First Responders

Our fully customized mental health and wellness programming for first responders can include the following services:


One Central Point of Care Available 24/7 With No Waitlist

Dalton Associates’ Care Management Team is the central “hub” of our first responder mental health and wellness programming; a consistent partner to clients on their wellness journey from the first point of contact with the program, to the activation of services with regular check-ins and follow-up, through until the client discontinues services as needed.

Individualized Care Plans

The Care Manager will document the treatment plan in a Plan of Care, which is updated on an as-needed basis to reflect all the actions taken (e.g., making contact with other programs, connecting the client with a counsellor, scheduling assessments, etc.). This provides our clients with an opportunity to be actively engaged with the plan in place; tracking those services they are or have been engaged with during their time with the program.

Specialized Telephonic Crisis Support Available 24/7/365

Members who access the Program will have access to immediate, 24/7/365 telephonic crisis support through our Crisis Support Team. Our Crisis Support Team has experience supporting first responders in distress, and have expertise in crisis de-escalation and risk management.

Rapid Access to Telephonic/Virtual Counselling

Members who access the Program will have access to rapid telephonic or virtual counselling support through our team of Masters Level counsellors, with specific knowledge, skills and experience working with First Responders.

Streamlined Access to Specialized Mental Health Counselling for First Responders

Dalton Associates’ roster of mental health professionals have First Responder expertise and experience, and the competencies to provide mental health treatment and support for a variety of mental health challenges specific to first responders.

Psychological Treatment and Assessment Services

In partnership with Strata Pathways and the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA), our organization has access to hundreds of Registered Psychologists and Psychological Associates throughout the province of Ontario who have expertise and competency to assess and treat a wide range of clients struggling with diverse mental health challenges.

Psychiatric Consultation and Assessment Services

Dalton Associates has a team of psychiatrists available to provide psychiatric consultation and assessment services. This team has expertise working with first responders, military personnel and veterans, and other public safety personnel. All psychiatrists on our team have over 10 years of experience and are registered, in good standing, with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO).

Access to Residential and Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

Inpatient (residential) and intensive outpatient (day program) treatment services may be recommended for clients struggling with trauma, addictions, mood disorders, and concurrent challenges therein. Some programs are customized and offered exclusively to First Responders. Additionally, Dalton Associates offers a clinical screening process to ensure we recommend treatment programs appropriate for our clients, as well as streamlined pathways to these programs.

Aftercare Services

Our team of Care Managers will work with our clients and their treatment providers prior to discharge from an inpatient or outpatient treatment program to determine a comprehensive aftercare support plan to ensure our clients continues to progress towards their mental wellness goals.

Integration with Existing Mental Health and Wellness Supports

Our organization has skills and experience in mapping the existing mental health and wellness services available within organizations, and with seamlessly integrating with them to eliminate duplication of service and ensure streamlined access to the most appropriate support options for our clients, whether internal or external to the Program.

Customized Program Website

To ensure clients have access to program and service information, mental health and wellness resources, and program contact pathways, Dalton Associates is able to customize an exclusive webpage/website specific to the needs of our partnering organization(s).

Exclusive Client Portal with Information and Self-Directed Wellness Resources

Dalton Associates also offers a fully customizable Client Portal. Accessible through the Program website, the Client Portal is a fully secure online environment that is customized specifically for each client. The Portal features self-assessment and progress measurement tools, the client’s individual plan of care, a secure environment in which to share documentation and other information between client and Care Manager, as well as exclusive and First Responder-specific mental health and wellness information and resources (e.g., courses, podcasts, blogs/vlogs, videos, apps, etc.).

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