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Psychological Psycho-Vocational

Psychological-Vocational Assessments

Sometimes individuals fail to thrive in their employment, regardless of their level of education and experience. If you, or someone you know, feels lost in their job, a vocational assessment may help to provide clarity and direction for moving forward.

What is a psychological-vocational assessment?

A Vocation Assessment is conducted in order to determine an individual’s skills, knowledge and aptitude in a variety of areas, with the purpose of identifying and determining their level of functioning in their job, and future decision-making around employment.

The Psychological-Vocational Assessment will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • A thorough psychosocial history
  • Standard testing using standardized assessment tools
  • Review of current functioning, skills, issues, challenges, etc.
  • Review of past and current employment
  • Review of environmental factors
  • Review of personality traits

How can the psychological-vocational assessment help?

For individuals struggling to thrive within their current employment, or for those struggling to maintain employment, the Psychological-Vocational Assessment can help in a variety of ways:

  • Identify current strengths and challenges
  • Determine realistic employment avenues
  • Recommend a course of employment action