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Play Therapy

Play therapy involves a child client, a qualified play therapist and support from the parents and family of the child. A child’s self-understanding is always developing, and it may be difficult to verbalize one’s own fears, worries, and anxieties at an early age. The child, through the act of play, is able to express his or her emotions. Just as adults may express emotions and resolve issues via talk therapy, a child and play therapist work together to find resolution for the issues the child is facing. Play therapy is beneficial to a child who is experiencing difficulties in the home, school or community. A child’s self-understanding is one of the goals in this approach.

Parental Involvement in Play Therapy

Parental involvement has been shown to be a significant indicator of the efficacy of play therapy. This may involve a parent’s indirect or direct participation in the session with the therapist and child.

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Dalton Associates offers many services to children and their families, for a range of needs, including behavioural issues, social skill building, family struggles, or educational problems. Our team of psychotherapists, social workers, child and youth workers, registered psychologists, and registered psychological associates are qualified to assist your family. Contact our office at 1.888.245.5516 to connect with a play therapist in your community.


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