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Child Counselling

Children can face a variety of mental health issues, ranging from depression and anxiety, hyperactivity, family conflict, trouble at school, or trouble with peers. Dalton Associates offers a variety of assessment and treatment options for children and youth. Our children’s counselling services include:

·  Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) ·  Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI)
·  Play therapy for young children ·  Individual counselling for older children
·  Art therapy ·  Child group therapy
·  Family therapy for a variety of problems ·  Social skills training
·  Parenting skills training ·  Classroom, academic, and playground strategies
·  Psycho-educational assessments  

When is Counselling Appropriate for My Child?

Children may not always express mental health issues in a verbal way, but there are common signs that parents, family members and teachers may watch for. Physiological issues such as a change in energy, appetite, or sleep habits may be a normal part of growing up, but if the issue persists and is impacting the child’s mood and behaviour, counselling may be helpful.  Counselling is effective in helping a child to cope with and overcome aggression, anger and tantrums. In addition, children who experience social anxiety, fearfulness, and/or phobia may benefit from psychological counselling.

Each child’s behaviour, mood and situation is unique, and it can be difficult to know when to seek help. If you are a parent or teacher who is concerned that a child you know is not functioning well, seems unhappy or in distress, psychological assessment and treatment may be warranted.

Whatever the challenges, we can help you identify and discuss solutions to effectively manage them. Our therapists provide support to you in developing the skills necessary for a child to function well in family and social life, as well as academically.

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