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How Family Counselling May Help

When one member of a family is experiencing difficulties, it often affects all members. The problem may be a symptom of the current family system and all family members may in fact be contributing to the reoccurrence of the problem.  For example, a teenager may be struggling in school and in peer relationships, but these issues could be a symptom of a larger family problem. By involving all members of the family, the group’s ability to resolve troubling issues is strengthened. The family develops mutual respect and a supportive approach to overcoming the challenges ahead.

When a family system is treated as a whole, it helps individuals within the group to feel understood, therefore instilling a greater bond between family members. This approach promotes family life that is a respite from day-to-day stressors.

Family counselling can provide support to your family if you need help with parenting or step-parenting strategies. It can help to improve parent-child, parent-teen, extended family, and sibling relationships. A family therapist may provide support through a difficult transition, such as separation or divorce, or introducing a blended family environment. You may find that family therapy can provide you with the skills to cope with raising a child with a disability, as well as helping you to navigate the resources available to your family.

Whatever the challenges, family therapy can help you identify, accept and discuss solutions to effectively manage them. Our therapists provide support to you in developing the skills necessary for a healthy and cooperative family life. If your family is struggling with poor communication, conflict, strained relationships, stress, blended family issues, or any other problems which seem to prevent happiness and strong, supportive relationships, please contact us. We have counsellors throughout Ontario to assist you and your family.


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