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March 1st, 2022

Free Parent Webinar – Low Mood/Depression in Children and Youth – March 15, 2022

Launch Behavioural Health will be running a Free Parent Information session via zoom Webinar on March 15, 2022 about Low Mood/Depression in Children and Youth. Launch staff and interns will lead a discussion about what low mood or depression can look like among children and youth. Strategies for how caregivers can support children and youth who are struggling with low mood will be discussed and questions you have will be answered.

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Cognitive Therapy And Role Play – The Perfect Match

Simply put, cognitive therapy deals with those emotions, behaviours and beliefs which are not serving you. We try to change the thought process in order to bring about change. Psychiatrist Aaron Beck developed cognitive therapy in the 1960s. The theory behind the process is that “wrong” thinking triggers a self-defeating behaviour or inappropriate response to a situation.

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Understanding Emotions and the Anger Funnel

by Private: Stephen Douglas

Everyone experiences anger from time to time. It is always ‘okay’ to feel anger (or any emotion, for that matter). Emotions are signals from the body. What we need to consider is what we do with that emotion. In this short article, we will discuss why we have emotions, what role each emotion serves, and why sometimes anger can become ‘stuck’ beyond its purpose and cause us difficulty.

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