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Integrated Workplace Wellness Services

Tired of scattered wellness initiatives that take up valuable resources, but aren’t enabling meaningful change and boosting the bottom line?

 If you’re like most employers, you’re wrestling with one or more of these: 

  • Diversity & inclusion challenges 
  • Absenteeism & high disability costs 
  • Declining productivity 
  • Attraction & retention issues 
  • Heavy workloads 
  • Work-life balance issues 
  • Staff morale & engagement 
  • Staff safety & conflict issues

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We’ve seen a lot of great companies’ initiate wellness tactics that feel good in the moment – things like yoga at lunch, free flu shots, stress management lunch and learns, and on-line positive thinking webinars to name a few. They all hang there ready for the taking, but aren’t deliberately linked to business goals and end up only masking what really needs to change. They have approached wellness the wrong way.

Our Point of View

With more than 20 years of experience helping individuals, communities and organizations with a variety of mental wellness challenges we know for sure that meaningful change is an inside job. At Dalton Associates “whole” is our mantra. We acknowledge and empower the “whole person” and the “whole organization” when designing wellness solutions that enable workplaces to achieve their business goals.

Whole-System Flourishing

An organization’s ability to flourish is dependent on the collective flourish-ability of its employees. 

Up until now, best practice told us to focus primarily on the individual and their work performance. Then it told us to look at their state of mind, but there’s more to it. This is where the “whole” comes in. 

We take a closer look at the whole-person within the context of the whole-organization. More specifically we look at a unique combination of personal and organizational factors that drive how employees show up in their work and their lives and the degree to which they are “flourishing” and the direct impact this is having on the flourish-ability of their workplace. We are able to identify probable health outcomes and performance outcomes, and paint a clear picture of needed change on the wellness front.

Our Approach

To keep the organization whole and ever-flourishing, we apply a systematic approach to wellness that can be replicated as an operational norm within any workplace.

We can tailor solutions to your needs and budget. Whether you are starting a new wellness journey, upskilling and refreshing an existing strategy or simply want to achieve new wellness breakthroughs we can help. We will work with you to determine the degree of support you want by reviewing the elements of our framework that make the most sense for your organization.