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Psychological Assessments: Adults

What is comprehensive psychological assessment?

A comprehensive psychological assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder provides in-depth and detailed information based on data from formal psychometric testing and information provided by parents and/or other professionals you are involved with. The written report provides detailed and practical suggestions on how to build upon your areas of strength and address areas of need.  A comprehensive psychological assessment obtains information to determine if you meet criteria for a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, however, other diagnoses are explored during testing, based on your history and performance on testing.

How can psychological testing help?

A comprehensive psychological assessment for Autism Spectrum Disorder can be used to:

  • Give detailed information regarding your strengths and weaknesses;
  • Provide suggestions on how to build upon your strengths and interests;
  • Provide suggestions regarding how to address social, emotional, or behavioural concerns both at home, work, or school;
  • Provide suggestions on what learning strategies, accommodations, or modifications would be appropriate for your workplace, volunteer setting, or community activities;
  • Provide documentation of a diagnosis for access to support services or benefits, as appropriate (ex: Developmental Services Ontario, Passport Funding, Disability Tax Credit).

Where is the assessment located?

Assessments can be conducted in your home or in one of our offices throughout southern Ontario. When appropriate, observations within community settings as appropriate.

How much does the assessment process cost?

A flat fee is charged for the entire assessment, which includes all appointments, report writing, travel, and feedback meeting. Some or all of the assessment costs may be covered under extended health benefits.