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Are you living in St. Catharines and are searching for counseling services for yourself or for your loved ones? Do you think you need professional help and are ready to make the necessary steps toward a much brighter and more fulfilled future?

Dalton Associates has years of experience in providing professional mental health therapies and quality psychological services.

Our team is build up of highly skilled and educated psychotherapists, psychological counselors and psychologists who are eager and ready to help anyone in need of psychotherapy. We understand the importance of quality psychological counseling and that’s why we have built up a team of well-versed professionals to work closely to anyone who is experiencing any type of psychological struggle or is facing overwhelming life challenges and difficulties.

Choose the Therapists by Your Preferences

When starting the psychotherapy the first and most important step is to choose the best suiting therapist to you. You need a therapist who you can trust and who will make sure to help you express all your feeling and emotions you are experiencing.

It is well known that the quality of therapy is highly correlated to the level of comfort that the client is experiencing in the company of a therapist and whether he or she feels the confidence to open up herself/himself to the therapist who they have not yet met.

We want to make that first step for our clients as much comfortable as possible.

We are, therefore, offering our potential clients in St.Catharines the possibility to choose the best suitable psychotherapist for them. Currently, we have 7 therapists working in St.Catharines and offering professional psychological services and counseling.

To learn more about them, their qualifications and working experience we are encouraging you to explore their bios.

After examining their professional profiles we are sure you will have plenty of information to make your decision. You will rest assured knowing you are in the right hands and that you are going to be treated in a professional, competent and efficient manner. We know for sure that this all together will ensure highly effective therapies to our clients and lead them toward better psychotherapy results.

Counseling Services in Different Languages

We have made sure to have you covered on every step of your journey in finding the right therapist.

More than just that we have made sure to offer you more than one therapist and ensure you can exactly match your needs with therapists’ qualifications. We are also offering our counseling services in St.Catharines in three different languages – English, French, and Spanish.

Being properly understood by your psychological counselor is of huge importance. It’s a crucial part of every therapy and Dalton Associates doesn’t want you to have any difficulties expressing yourself or your feelings – your deepest fears, hopes, wishes, dreams or any emotion you are facing or dealing with. We want to ensure you get the quality you deserve and the therapy that will most certainly lead you toward more fulfilled and brighter future.

Types of Psychological Therapy we are offering in St.Catharines

Our psychological therapists in St. Catharines can provide professional counseling and psychological therapies in the next following areas:

How to Start Your First Session with Our St.Catharines Therapist?

Just as with all the steps before, we have made sure to ease the process of starting the therapy for our clients as much as possible.

If you are determined to improve the quality of your life and are ready to live a happier and more fulfilled life then here are the steps you’ll need to make to schedule your first season with one of ours St.Catharines therapists:

  • Examine professional profiles of our 7 St.Catharines psychotherapists – learn more about them, their education and professional experience
  • Choose the one among them you relate to the most and…
  • Schedule your first therapy session by filling out the form below

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Elizabeth Stoakley

365 Vine Street, Unit 3 St. Catharines, ON L2M 4T9

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Cindy McClure

8 Rosemore Rd., St. Catharines, ON

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Norelis Alvarez

1 Ormond St. South, Thorold ON, L2V 0A1

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Julie Christiansen

1 Ormond St. South, Thorold ON, L2V 0A1

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Amanda Riley

4030 Montrose Rd Unit #5 Niagara Falls, ON L2H 3E1

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