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Dalton Associates provides psychological counselling and assessment services in Georgetown, Ontario. Our highly-skilled therapists offer a wide array of services based on your specific needs. The most sought-after services offered in Georgetown are relationship therapy and marriage counselling, individual psychotherapy, family counselling, as well as child and youth counselling.

We understand that taking the first step towards mental health therapy can often be a difficult decision and that reaching out for help requires more courage than we’d like to think. And even when you’ve made that first step, finding the right therapist that you truly click with often remains a challenge. In order for you to get the most out of your sessions, it’s imperative that you feel comfortable with your therapist, which is why we’ve created the possibility of browsing our Georgetown psychologists’ and psychotherapists’ profiles before choosing one and scheduling an appointment. We encourage you to visit their profiles, check out the services they offer, read their bios, and see who you relate the most to.

Everyone who’s ever been in therapy knows that there is no ‘right way’ and no universal method that suits everyone. Every person is different, every person faces different challenges, and every person has different life goals. Despite each and every individual being unique, no one should be forced to tackle life’s challenges alone. That is why our Georgetown counselling team consists of 11 Georgetown therapists, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs and that will able to help guide you through challenging times, and towards a better, more fulfilled life.

Being properly understood by your psychologist or psychotherapist is of uttermost importance, but can often be challenging if your native language is not English. That is why we are proud to offer Georgetown counselling services in 9 different languages! In order to better serve the multi-cultural Georgetown community, our highly-skilled team of Georgetown psychologists and psychotherapists offers counselling in French, Bosnian, Croatian, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Serbian, Turkish, and, of course, English.

It’s important to remember that counselling isn’t magic, nor is it an instant fix. Like everything else in life, it takes work, commitment and dedication, but the results of it will benefit not only your mental health but every single part of your life and every relationship you form. Counselling helps people find the strength to overcome obstacles, creates a more balanced daily life, calms our minds, sorts our thoughts and teaches us to appreciate and enjoy all aspects of life.

Dalton Associates Georgetown psychological services are conducted by trained psychotherapists and supervised by a psychologist or psychological associate. They are also covered under most extended health care plans. Extended health insurance benefit plans can differ, so please check your insurance plan to see if psychological services are covered.

If you feel that you are ready to improve your life by starting therapy, but need more information about our Georgetown psychological services, please feel free to contact us.

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Raechel Philbert

232 Guelph Street, Georgetown, ON, Canada

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Angela Szameit

232 Guelph St. Suite 199

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Tenny Keshishian

232 Guelph Street, Suite 199, Georgetown, ON, L7G 4B1

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Linda Burdett

151 Main St. S Georgetown, ON L7G 3E7

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Peter Sammet

11950 10th Line, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

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Gurjeet Kaur Hayer

100 Pertosa Dr, Brampton, ON

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