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If you’re looking for psychological therapy near you, Dalton Associates provides psychological counselling services in Brantford, Ontario. Our Brantford services include marriage counselling and relationship therapy, individual psychotherapy, anger management, and adolescent counselling. All psychological services in Brantford are offered by trained psychotherapists, who work under the supervision of a psychologist or psychological associate. If you are looking to schedule an appointment with our Brantford psychotherapist, you can do so here, but if you’re looking for more info on counseling and psychotherapy, please keep on reading.

How To Choose The Right Therapist?

Making the first step towards mental health therapy can often be a difficult decision and reaching out for help, or admitting that a loved one needs professional help requires much more courage than we’d usually like to think. Even after making that first step, finding the right therapist often remains a challenge for most. A therapist should be a person that understands you and whom you feel comfortable with. In order to get the best results out of therapy, it is of uttermost importance that you are completely honest and open with your therapist. To help you begin your mental health journey and overcome life’s obstacles, we’ve partnered with 2 psychological counselors in Brantford who can guide you through challenging times, and towards a better, more fulfilled life.

Who Conducts The Sessions?

All Dalton Associates psychological services in Brantford are conducted by trained psychotherapists, who work under the supervision of a psychologist or psychological associate. In addition, they are covered under most extended health care plans, making them available to a larger Brantford population (can you believe Brantford is almost at a population of 100,000?). That being said, extended health insurance benefit plans can differ, so we recommend checking your specific insurance plan to see if psychological services are covered.

Types Of Therapy: What are my options?

Whether we like to admit it or not, we sometimes need help dealing with some life’s occurrences. Psychological counseling may be the best way to help us understand our emotions and to react to them in a healthy way. Anyone that has ever been in therapy knows that there is no ‘right way’ and no universal method that suits everyone. Every person on this planet is different, faces different challenges, and has different life goals, and that is why Dalton Associates has partnered with psychologists, psychologist associates, psychotherapists, as well as counsellors that offer multiple types of counseling and therapy in Brantford for multiple types of psychological needs.

Specific Dalton Associates psychological services offered in Brantford are:

  • Marriage Counselling and Relationship Therapy
  • Individual Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety, and other Psychological Disorders
  • Adolescent Therapy
  • Anger Management
  • Psycho-Educational Assessments
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Psychological Rehabilitation Services

Our Brantford psychological counselors are friendly, caring, honest and direct, which is why people feel so at ease when opening up to either of them. For more information on our Brantford counseling and psychological services, please feel free to contact us below.

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