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Bradford Professional Psychotherapists & Counselling Services

If you are looking for professional psychological help in Bradford, ON – look no further.

Dalton Associates has years of experience in providing professional psychological counselling and a team of extraordinary psychotherapists who work hard to help individuals that need help in overcoming difficulties they have encountered in their lives.

Why You Should Choose Dalton Associates

We understand how difficult it might be to make the first step toward mental health therapy and we are here to offer our help – not just on the beginning – but rather through your whole journey toward much brighter future and more fulfilled life.

That’s why we’ve created a special offer to anyone living in Bradford or nearby to ensure our potential future clients get the quality they deserve.

Our Bradford offices include:

  1. Possibility to choose a therapist by your preferences
  2. Counselling sessions in two different languages
  3. No waiting lists
  4. Fee coverage by most third-party health insurance plans

Choose The Therapist Based On Your Preferences

It is well known that the quality of therapy is highly correlated to the level of comfort that the client is experiencing in the company of a therapist and whether he or she feels the confidence to open up herself/himself to the therapist who they have not yet met.

We are, therefore, offering our potential clients in Bradford the possibility to choose the best suitable psychotherapist for them. Currently, we have two therapists working in Bradford and offering professional psychological services and counselling.

To learn more about them, their qualifications and working experience we are encouraging you to explore their bios. After examining their professional profiles we are sure you will have plenty of information to make your decision. You will rest assured knowing you are in the right hands and that you are going to be treated in a professional, competent and efficient manner. We know for sure that this all together will ensure highly effective therapies to our clients and lead them toward better psychotherapy results.

Counselling Sessions In Two Different Languages

Being properly understood by your psychological counselor is of huge importance. It’s a crucial part of every therapy. We don’t want you to have any difficulties expressing yourself or your feelings.

More than just that we have made sure to offer you more than one therapist and ensure you can exactly match your needs with therapists’ qualifications. In Bradford, Ontario we are offering our counselling services in two different languages – English and German.

If you’ve made your decision to make that first, courageous step toward a brighter future we don’t want anything to hold you back. We’ve also made sure our services are covered under many extended health care plans.

Different Types Of Psychological Counselling

Our therapists in Bradford are offering their professional help in many different areas:

  • Individual Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety and other Psychological Disorders
  • Child and Adolescent Therapy
  • Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD & ADHD)
  • Counselling for Children and Adolescents with Learning Disabilities
  • Chronic Pain
  • Counselling for Health Issues (including AIDS, Cancer, weight, and smoking)
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Psycho-Educational Assessments
  • Psychological Assessments
  • Psychological Rehabilitation Services

Schedule Your First Session

Just as with all the steps before, we have made sure to ease the process of starting the therapy for our clients as much as possible. If you too are determined to improve the quality of your life and are ready to live a happier and more fulfilled life then here are the steps you’ll need to make:

  1. Examine professional profiles of our Bradford psychotherapists. Learn more about them, their education and professional experience.
  2. Choose the one among them you relate the most.
  3. Schedule your first therapy session by filling out the form below.

Contact a Bradford Therapist Today

Barbara Griffin

22 Main St. N, Newmarket, ON L3Y 3Z7

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Barbara Griffin

9 Valleyview Ave, Holland Landing, ON

View Profile

Patzia Gonzalez

124 Kingston Rd Newmarket, ON, Canada

View Profile

Lisa Wilvert

20628 Leslie St, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada

View Profile

David Klauke

390 Davis Drive, Newmarket, ON, Canada

View Profile

Jason Koenigbaur

145 Main Street South, Newmarket, ON, Canada

View Profile

Lillian Benrubi

302 Roywood Cres, Newmarket, ON

View Profile

Laurentiu Sasarean

567 Wellington St W, Aurora, Ontario, Canada

View Profile

Homeira Mirhashemian

159 Sunset Beach Road, Richmond Hill, ON, Canada

View Profile

Barry Burrows

180 Parsons Road, Alliston, Ontario L9R 1E8, Canada

View Profile

Ingrid Cryns

12380 Concession Rd 2, Zephyr, ON

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