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Free Mental Health Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

During this time, no one is immune to the psychological and financial hardships brought on by this pandemic. The normal fears and anxieties that arise when coping with prolonged exposure to a life-threatening disease are compounded by enforced isolation and financial insecurities. As a result, countless Ontarians are suffering from acute mental health stressors.

Many individuals residing in Ontario are fortunate in that they have access to desperately needed mental health services. They are able to obtain professional support through their health insurance plans, through publicly funded services or, for those with financial means, they can purchase the services privately.

However, we are sadly aware that thousands of Ontarians who are struggling with severe anxiety because of COVID-19 do not have health insurance, do not have timely access to publicly funded services, and do not have the financial means to purchase these services privately.

It is the suffering of those individuals, couples and families, who cannot afford to access our services, that weighs heavily on our minds. A number of our associates, Psychotherapists and Social Workers, have volunteered to offer free phone and/or online brief therapy/consultation services during the time of this pandemic.

Click here to read the eligibility criteria and to register for free mental health services.

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